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With The Slowdown In Economic Growth In China
Feb 24, 2016

With the slowdown in economic growth in China, real estate, machinery, shipbuilding, appliances and other major iron and steel consumption showed no signs of stabilisation, and slow growth in demand for steel. Current output of 2 million tons of steel a day, compared with weak demand is still at a high level.

"As steel production raw materials, iron ore, usually on the prices in the price of steel dropped after a period of time there, but three mines in the first to cut its iron ore prices in the second quarter of this year. ”

We believe that steel production slow compression, market demand picks up too slowly, this long bout of falling prices cycle are the main reasons led to the recent market situation as a whole. "After this round after a long decline, the possibility of rising steel prices, but the overall gains will not be too great, the late steel city is still not optimistic."

"There has yet to be felt at the bottom of the market, steel all risks cannot be passed on to dealers. ”