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Spiral Pipe Of The Cleaning Method
May 25, 2017

Spiral Pipe before using the need to pay attention to the cleaning problem, only after cleaning to make the use of the effect becomes better today let Xiaobian to tell us about the spiral pipe cleaning method.First we need to use the wire brush or other Of the surface of the spiral pipe to be polished, only after grinding to the surface of the oxide and rust treatment, in the clean up the time must be careful, Spiral Pipe only carefully cleaned to be able to adsorb the rust on the above clean. After the need to consider the cleaning method, you can use pickling way to clean, spray with chemical agents in the spiral tube, wait until after cleaning also need to be processed, Spiral Pipe or chemical substances will cause more serious corrosion problems arise. In the cleaning time must pay special attention to these details of the problem, do not ignore, or the effect of cleaning will be much worse, Spiral Pipe the correct cleaning spiral pipe can be extended, the use of the effect will become better There are many ways to clean the spiral tube, but the use of the above is the best, Spiral Pipe not only can Fast enough to clean, but also to ensure the effect of cleaning.