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Cleaning And Handling Of Steel Pipe
Nov 01, 2017

The inside and outside wall shot blasting machine is a shot blasting equipment which is used to clean and spray the steel pipe through throwing pill. The machine mainly carries on the rotating surface and the inner cavity of the steel pipe to remove the sticky sand, the rust layer, the welding slag, the oxidized skin and the sundries and so on. The steel pipe surface is smooth and the film adhesion of the workpiece is improved, the fatigue resistance and corrosion resistance of the steel tube are improved, and its service life is prolonged.Steel Pipe

Adopt centrifugal cantilever type novel high efficiency multifunctional shot blasting device, the shot pill quantity is big, the efficiency is high, the blade replaces quickly, has the overall replacement performance, the maintenance is convenient. The workpiece continuously through the shot blasting machine import and export, because the pipe diameter is wide, in order to prevent the projectile flying, the machine uses multi-layer removable seal brush, to achieve the complete sealing of the projectile.Steel Pipe 

Using full screen curtain type of pill slag separator, the separation rate, separation efficiency and shot quality were improved greatly, and the wear of shot peening device was reduced.Steel Pipe

The simulation of the projectile (including the type of shot blasting device, the number and location of space layout, etc.) and all drawings of the shot blasting machine are completely using computer-aided design (CAD) drawing, the selection and layout of shot peening device is more reasonable. The utilization rate and labor productivity of the projectile were improved, the cleaning effect was ensured and the wear of the panel was reduced.Steel Pipe

The control system of the projectile is simple and reliable with the control of the air control valve developed independently. The structure of the outer wall shot blasting machine of steel pipe and the external wall shot blasting machine are the new type shot blasting equipment, from the front of the room, shot blasting cleaning room, shot blasting device assembly, after the attachment room, the ball material circulation purification system, roller conveyor, platform ladder, dust removal system and electrical control components. The plate welding parts of the machine are treated by shot peening to improve the rust-proof performance and adhesion of the paint film.Steel Pipe