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Classification Of Cold Drawn Steel
Feb 24, 2016

Is a kind of cold-drawing steel cold drawn rounds steel, also known as cold-drawn steel in the steel industry, steel, cold-drawn or cold-drawn light, generally to customer specifications is in φ φ between 80 3~, cold-drawn steel is widely used in machinery manufacture, light industry, hardware, parts, bikes, cars, motorbikes, textile machinery, transformers, and other mechanical industries.

Cold drawn Fang is refers to those section for square of steel, he of specifications General is with side long mm number to said, General of specifications requirements in 3x3~60x60mm, Leng Lafang just was using in has various mechanical parts, farm machinery accessories, tool, light industry, hardware, standard, bike, car, motorcycle, textile mechanical, transformer, other mechanical industry, and also can see customer of requirements, made precision mold!