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Brief Description Of Cold Drawn Steel
Feb 24, 2016

Cold drawn six angle, evidently are can know he is section is six angle shaped of steel, he but specifications precision high of application type steel, specifications said is as of, W=0.0068s2 a is towering of specifications, he main for manufacturing nut, standard, is specifications precision precision requirements is high Ah, applies Yu instrument, chemical, shipbuilding and the mechanical processing, industry, industrial building and metal structure, as plant, and bridge, and ship, and farm machinery vehicles manufacturing, transmission tower, transport mechanical,.

Cold-labiangang wants to slice steel and specifications in the 2x10~20x80, are widely used in engineering machinery, bridges, fangjia, fences, ship transmission, auto parts, textile machinery, agricultural machinery, elevators, fitness, machine tool components, ladders, bridges and fences, and so on.

Cold drawn shaped steel is steel shapes in funny, like the ladder, type, triangular, octagonal shaped steels, as long as the desired shape, can help you pull him out!