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Transformation and upgrading of the Green is the trend of iron and steel industry.
Feb 24, 2016

Current countries have increased project control standards of pollutants, new standards are massive particles, sulfur dioxide and chemical oxygen demand emission limit values for environmentally sensitive areas to develop more stringent water and air pollutant emission limits. Meanwhile, China is speeding up the introduction of the Tax Act on environmental protection, in which the few pollutants from sewage charges to tax, smelting slag, tailings, such as solid waste and noise emission arrangement tax provisions. In accordance with the tax equivalent emissions will greatly increase the sewage the sewage expenditure of large enterprises. On September 18, and air pollution control in Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei and its surrounding areas have signed the first "responsibility", and later must be properly implemented will affect the supply of steel resources.

Therefore, in the context of environmental standards and continuously improve, continued tightening of policy, future development of iron and steel industry will be confronted with many "green". Although face long periods of pain, but it will also be the way to transformation and upgrading of China's iron and steel industry.