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The rising steel price is expected this year, next year, good benefits, domestic steel
Feb 24, 2016

The first three quarters of this year, with the effect of steady growth, the structural adjustment policy measures gradually, the steel industry better than the overall market environment last year, steel production and exports to maintain growth. With China's rapid economic development, local small and medium sized iron and steel enterprises, with its market advantage, mechanisms, as well as the support of local governments, has been developing rapidly.

In China economic stable growth of premise Xia, is expected to this year annual steel production still will keep growth, fourth quarter steel production will has declined, but range not is big, market General oversupply situation to get obviously reverse, steel price overall level will below last year; imports iron ore price was monopoly, steel production cost to sharply declined; enterprise assets liabilities rate high, financial costs, and financing cost also has increased trend, so steel enterprise benefits also to sharply increased, still will is low profit level, But the overall benefit levels for the year will be better than last year.

Steel prices, steel price rise this week to expand. Early week market continued last week, optimism and raw materials purchase active delivery smoother, service provider, due to a general shortage in the market, with traders in some areas, get fast-rising steel prices. After weeks as prices rose too fast, and reaches a certain stock market gradually moved to wait and see.