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Performance of weak recovery
Feb 24, 2016

Wind data show that 33 listed steel companies in the third quarter of this year total net profits attributable to shareholders of the parent company of 5.851 billion yuan, and the loss of 3.288 billion yuan during the same period last year. 33 companies in 14 performance of the first three quarter per cent growth, 8 loss.

Performance of listed steel companies the first three quarters of recovery is the epitome of the whole industry. Following the July after the steel industry turnaround, profits remain weak recovery situation. China iron and steel Association statistics show that in January-September, 86 key large and medium sized iron and steel enterprises nationwide realized a profit of 11.3 billion yuan, compared to a loss of 6 billion yuan during the same period last year. In particular the September level of profitability continued to improve, when profits of 3.3 billion yuan, sales income and profit margin 1.07%, the highest this year, two-year highs.

However, profitability improvement, does not mean that the steel industry has overcome the plight of profit. From the steel price trends this year, still remain low, or even remain at five-year lows