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Iron ore prices have remained at a relatively stable level.
Feb 24, 2016

CISA in the late October to 468.23 iron ore price index, rose by 4.85%. Domestic price of 892.15 yuan per ton of iron concentrate, imported iron ore (ore) CIF 139.81 dollars per tonne.

As you can see, after adjustment, imported iron ore prices have rebounded to earlier levels, while steel prices earlier fell. This "one drop" of scissors meant Chinese iron and steel industry industry profit is difficult to reverse the situation in the short term. This is evident on the CISA of care expected for the future.

CISA Vice Chairman Zhu Jimin said recently that two months after steel demand is unlikely to have a higher growth this year and is expected to yield and an increase in demand this year will not be much. Due to high supply raw materials, impact of financial capital value distribution and other factors involved in the steel industry, in a longer period of time, the steel industry are in a State of profit management, and even annual loss.