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Environmental pressure should not be underestimated
Feb 24, 2016

As the country's attention on the environment, as well as the requirements for innovation and development of backward production capacity, the steel industry faces environmental regulation topic remains insurmountable in the future.

In recent years, industry and resources, the contradiction between energy and the environment, environmental protection has become the bottleneck of the further development of China's iron and steel industry. To that end, our steel "Twelve-Five" has clearly put forward in the plan, energy consumption per unit industrial value added and carbon dioxide emissions fell by 18%, focusing on statistical average reduction in sulfur dioxide emissions per ton of steel 39% iron and steel enterprises, chemical oxygen demand fell 7% per ton of steel, solid waste comprehensive utilization rate of more than 97%. Visible, heavy steel industry energy-saving and emission reduction.

Growing emissions standards have forced steel companies use more efficient dust removal and desulphurization and denitration equipment. But the fact is, there lack some of the mature technology and equipment, such as sintered flue gas desulfurization denitration technology of dioxin. If you use the device to full compliance to the new requirements, it is bound to increase the cost of technology. Under the current profit situation, enthusiasm for reform of small and medium steel companies will inevitably suffer a certain impact.